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Robot Songs by Jezzamon
Robot Songs
With my regular laptop being repaired, I was missing making little flash things. So I made this!

Press your favourite key and they'll sing you a slightly different song!
3D Surface Modifier by Jezzamon
3D Surface Modifier
I made a little thing to test out right-click controls in flash. I probably spent too much time on it, but it was fun to try out.

Left Click: Push down
Right Click: Pull up
Image Paletter by Jezzamon
Image Paletter
I made a fun little thing to apply palettes and dithering to an image.

Huh? How do I use this?

How to use this:
1. Press O to open an image.
2. Press space a few times.
3. Press E to export the image (NOTE: you must add ".png" to the file name or else it'll be weird).

All controls: (in order of usefulness)
O: Open image.
E: Export image.
Space: Do the next step (see below).
D: Change the dithering mode.
F: Change how much dithering is used.
1-9: Set the scale of the image. 2 scale means 2x2 pixels become 1 pixel in the modified image (this is so that massive images don't freeze up the program).
B: Apply/Increase the blur.
C: Clear blur.
P: Switch palette. There's currently only 2 palettes.
N: Toggle normalising (see below for what normalising is).
R: change the random seed used for dithering (this will only affect the 3rd dithering mode).

What's going on when you press space?
1. The image is converted to black and white by calculating the perceived brightness.
2. The image is normalised, to increase the contrast. This is so that equal amounts of each colour in the palette is used.
3. A palette is applied to the image, by testing the color of each pixel.
4. Dithering is applied to the image.

EDIT: Added Floyd-Steinberg Dithering. It's one of the best dithering methods.
Yep, I'll be entering it again this year! I'll upload my finished game here when done, but if you want to see the game as I work on it, follow me on Twitter (@jezzamonn), because I'll post links there! I won't post the WIPs on DeviantArt just because I'd rather focus my time on game-devving


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Hello my name is "Jezzamon!" aka Jeremy! I'm a student-aged guy and my main thing I do in life is programming pretty much! I also play videogames and guitar, and make music and art stuff occasionally. It's pretty fun.


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